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2009 BMW M3: Storage Fail

May 12, 2009

new m3 idrive.jpg

The current (E9X) BMW 3 Series comes standard with a shallow storage cavity aft of the shifter on the center console. It's kind of a joke, but at least I'm able to squeeze my cell phone and wallet into it. Our long-term 2009 BMW M3 sedan has the iDrive option, which replaces that storage cavity with the iDrive controller.

old M3 cupholders.jpg In other words, my wallet and phone are out of luck.

Sure, I could put my wallet in the covered bin under the armrest, but I can't put my phone in there (might not even hear it ring), and it's a pain to access anyway. So I end up putting my phone in the door-grab cavity and my wallet in the door map pocket. The E9X 3 Series with iDrive is the only car I can think of that makes me stoop to this level.

Check out the cupholders/all-purpose receptacles in our old E46 M3 (replaced by overengineered dash-mounted slide-out cupholders on the E9X). Infinitely more convenient.

Josh Sadlier, Associate Editor, Edmunds.com @ 2,209 miles

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