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2009 BMW M3 Sedan: Our Favorite Caption

July 17, 2009


Thanks to eidolways for this week's favorite caption. Your efforts paid off.

These were the others that lit our fire:

Roman Candles vs. Bavarian Rocket (ergsum)
Fireworks owner Bubba "Two Fingers" would give it a thumbs up, if he could! (ergsum)
Smokey and the Bavarian (ergsum)
Objects in the mirror more explosive then they appear. (dougtheeng)
No question about it, that arrow in the parking lot took off from here. (mnorm1)
BMW joins Nascar in the Firecracker 400 (stpawyfrmdonut)
We decided to "fix" the iDrive with a couple of M80s. (vwthing1)
The M3: Its Dyn-o-mite (jay_r)
"Get your mortar running, head out on the highway..." (funkymunky)
Inside Liner's famous last words, "I saw this in a cartoon once but I'm pretty sure I can do it." (ergsum)
M3 meet M80. (pontneuf2503)
American spirit meets German artillery. (pontneuf2503)
BMW: A new kind of Launch Control. (hunter312)
German Candle. (sherief)

What was your favorite?

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor

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