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2009 BMW M3: Low washer fluid

December 16, 2009

Washer fluid telltale.JPG

The windshield washer fluid in our long-term 2009 BMW M3 is low.

The telltale between the meters in the pic above shows that. But I couldn't find any mention in the Navi display (under the service menu) through the iDrive.

BMW does give you a single auditory chime that's exactly the same as when you unlatch the seatbelt or leave the parking brake on (the first click), so you have to look at the meters to see what's going on. Not that I've done either of those other two.

UPDATE: I just came back from adding washer fluid. Hit the jump to see my surprise.

washer fluid filler.jpg

When I went to fill the washer fluid, I was greeted with this filler opening.

As you can see, the filler spout is black plastic and quite opaque, not the translucent plastic with which I am more familiar. And there's no fluid reservoir either, the tube just disappears underneath.

You'd best add washer fluid to your M3 -- slowly.

Albert Austria, Senior Engineer @ 13,471 miles

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