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2009 BMW M3: Does It Really Need a "Power" Button?

June 18, 2009


You gotta love any car that features a prominent button on the center console labeled "power". Who cares if it's even connected to anything, just the very act of pushing it in and seeing it light up is kinda fun.

Then again, in the M3 pushing the power button doesn't actually increase the V8's output, it merely quickens up the throttle response to make it "feel" more powerful. Sounds like a no-brainer right?

That's what I thought, but the more I drive it the more I realize that I might like the standard setting better. I mean let's face it, the thing isn't exactly limp off the line as it is. The added response does introduce a little more urgency to the drive, but sometimes I find it a little distracting. Maybe it's the overabundance of power that makes it seem unnecessary, but the immediacy of the throttle in power mode seems a little overkill. Either that, or I'm old, one of the two.

Ed Hellwig, Senior Editor, Inside Line @ 4,478 miles

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