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2012 Audi A8L: Seat Heaters Give You 10 Minutes

December 16, 2011

audi A8 seat heaters.jpg

Dear Audi,

I'm a grown up. I know when I'm hungry and what to do about it. I know when I'm cold and know what to do about it. I know when I have to use the potty, when I should sleep and when I need to pay the electricity bill. I also know -- because I'm an adult and because I have pain receptors -- when I'm too hot. I don't need you to automatically turn down the seat heaters from level 3 to level 2 exactly 10 minutes after I've turned it on. You've provided a button for turning it down. One I've already proved I could use by turning it on in the first place.

Let me, and the people smart enough to afford this car in the first place, make our own decisions. Thanks.


Audi seat heater 2.JPG

Ten minutes almost to the second after I took the fist photo I took this one. Level 2. Not what I requested. Not what I wanted. Barely warm. Like sitting on the couch immediately after a sleeping cat had vacated the spot.

Yes, there have been cases of malfunctioning seat heaters burning people or of disabled drivers being injured because they couldn't feel the seat heaters causing burns. These conditions, however, are not the norm. Not even Toyota is this paranoid.

Mike Magrath, Features Editor, Inside Line @ 2,836 miles

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