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2012 Audi A8L: Radio Presets

June 27, 2012

Audi A8 Steering Wheel MMI controls.jpg

Perhaps my biggest beef with Audi's MMI over the years has been the lack of traditional radio preset buttons. If I want preset 3, I want to press a button labeled 3. I don't want to click radio, then press the upper left button for presets, then twirl a knob to 3 and then click the knob. Similarly, I don't want to spin the little roller on the steering wheel until I get to presets, then click the roller, then spin it until I get to 3 then click. Simplicity, please.

As such, I greatly appreciate the next-generation MMI.

Audi A8 Buttons.jpg

It features little preset numbers on the touch-sensitive pad that is otherwise most famous for allowing you to "write" letters and numbers into the nav system. I press 3 and I get 3. Sure, I can't do it without looking, but it's better than nothing.

I also appreciate that Audi has improved the steering wheel controls, with the addition of left-right menu buttons. Unfortunately, the audio controls still default back to scrolling through each radio station of the mode you were last in (FM, AM or Sirius) when you spin the roller rather than sticking with the presets menu you were in when you shut off the car. I'm not sure why it does that, but I wish it wouldn't. I want channel 3, not 33, thank you.

I guess you can't have everything.

James Riswick, Automotive

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