2012 Audi A8 Long Term Road Test

2012 Audi A8L: Lumos

June 06, 2012


Yes, I just made a Harry Potter reference.

I live on a dark, curving street. Even the street lamps don't do much to illuminate the block at night. But check out the strength of the Audi A8's headlights. Our long-term car has the LED package which was a $1,600 option. The low beams, daytime running lights, high beams and turn signals all use LED lighting. According to Audi, they consume only 40 watts of power.

(For all of you geeks out there, 40 watts equals 0.053640884 horsepower. That's your superfluous fun fact of the day.)

The Audi's LEDs give a nice clean bright luminosity to my otherwise shadowy block. I hope I didn't disturb my neighbors as I drove down the street last night. Oh wait, I forgot. I do hope I disturbed the neighbors with the Audi's headlights. They deserve it. Now, if only Quietus worked as well as Lumos.

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor


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