2012 Audi A8 Long Term Road Test

2012 Audi A8L: Great Engine

December 22, 2011


This is a great engine. V8. All aluminum construction. DOHC. 32 valves. Direct injection. 4.2 liters of displacement. It's smooth, powerful and it revs to its 7,000 rpm redline like its wants to go to 8,000.

It's not the largest V8 in the large, luxury sedan class, and with 372 hp, nor is it the most powerful. But it feels special in the A8, and it's personality and demeanor perfectly match Audi's unique mix of sport and luxury.

But this engine's best feature is...



...the way it looks. Audi sweats the details, and it has detailed the A8's V8 perfectly. I've started opening the sedan's hood just the gawk. Few automakers are still making this kind of effort under the hood. But Audi has turned engine and engine compartment dress into an art form.

Check out the finishes, the shapes and the intricate detailing. Notice the red coils, the badging and the proper display of intake runners. Everything is symetrical. This is the kind of specialness you see on a handmade, one of a kind hot rod designed by guys like Chip Foose. Cars that win the AMBR and Ridler awards.

Audi gets it.

Scott Oldham, Editor in Chief @ 3,134 miles

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