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Ladies' Guide to Exiting the 1991 Acura NSX

November 22, 2011


With a low-seated car like our 1991 Acura NSX, exiting the vehicle with your grace intact can be a tricky proposition when you're wearing a dress. You don't want a knickers-baring Paris Hilton-esque scandal. So here are some tips I picked up over the weekend since I had to dress up for a wedding and the NSX was my ride.

By the way, what's great about the current forced chivalry of our Acura is that it means someone has to open the door for you and then will be there to assist you out of the vehicle. Which makes it much easier and if worse comes to worse they can block you from paparazzi.

1) Before the door opens, make sure to pull your dress down as far as it will go, especially important if you're wearing a mini skirt. Dresses do tend to ride up during a trip.

2) Once the door is open, with knees together and legs stretched out, swing them out and over the door jamb. Or you can also, with knees together, bring one leg out and quickly follow it with the other one.

3) With both feet placed firmly on the ground, steady one hand on the seat (don't grab the roof or the side of the car) and grab hold of your gentleman's hand.

4) Dip your head down before exiting the car so you don't hit it on the way out.

Now, getting into the NSX is another matter, but I suggest enlisting the help of your gentleman again to help ease you into the seat.

On a side note, as a sporty conveyance the Acura NSX was the best of both worlds of comfort and fun. The ride was comfortable and smooth, seat was cozy and the cabin was surprisingly quiet. I likes it.

Caroline Pardilla, Deputy Managing Editor

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