1991 Acura NSX Long Term Road Test

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1991 Acura NSX: Service Update

November 08, 2011


Some of you have been asking where the NSX has gone. Well, it's still getting fixed up down at MD Automotive in Westminster, CA. The O2 sensor has been replaced and we're waiting on new taillight seals to fix the trunk leak. I think we'll have it back good as new by the end of the week.

Until then, I thought you might like to see this pic of photographer Scott Jacobs earning his huge salary. 

And one more thing... 

Many of you are going to question whether or not we could have fixed these things on the NSX ourselves for less money, and the answer is undeniably yes. But you've got to realize there are only so many hours in the day and we have to choose how we are going to spend that time.

1) We can fix and do all the required maintenance on all of our long-term cars ourselves


2) Fill Inside Line and Edmunds.com everyday with quality photos, words and videos

Usually we choose number two, even if it means paying for repair services we could have done ourselves painlessly. Sorry, but that's just the way it is. It's called life. Real life.

Scott Oldham, Editor in Chief

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