1991 Acura NSX Long Term Road Test

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1991 Acura NSX: For Sale, But Wait...

October 22, 2012


(Photo by Dan Edmunds)

The time has come to part ways with our 1991 Acura NSX. We've had the car for a year now and turned the odometer about 12,000 miles. So in its last days the sales routine began. Give the Acura a good detailing. Determine the asking price. Organize pictures for the ad. Smog test the car for the next owner. All of the usual items.

Things proceeded as planned. We even fielded some prospective buyers. Then our NSX failed its smog test. After the expletives left our system and we caught our breath, it was time to ask the big question. Now what?

More to come...

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 58,223 miles

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