1991 Acura NSX Long Term Road Test

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1991 Acura NSX: Finally Passed Smog

October 26, 2012


Our 1991 Acura NSX finally passed a smog test. It was both an educational and costly experience. Here is how the saga wrapped up...


With new parts on the NSX I schedule an appointment for a smog test. That morning I drove, back and forth, cursing this car, my job and what a horrible time I was having. Maybe some days at the office are better than others. I pulled into the smog place right on time with the cats nice and hot.


Minutes later I received the good news. It passed with flying colors.


Naturally, I left the smog garage and went back to the beach for a couple of victory runs and some breakfast.

As for the smog test results, I'm organizing those now for comparison each step of the way. Stay tuned.

Smog re-test: $20

Mike Schmidt, Vehicle Testing Manager @ 58,300 miles

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