1991 Acura NSX Long Term Road Test

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1991 Acura NSX: Audio Claptrap

May 08, 2012


Welcome to premium audio, circa 1991.

Yet this big ol' trunk-mounted factory CD changer wasn't enough for the previous owner of our longterm 1991 Acura NSX.


He added a bunch of hardware that today doesn't really work right. Above is the amp. Below, a sub box in the passenger footwell.


Honestly, who puts all this crap in a sports car? Sheesh.

And good luck un-installing it. Every aftermarket audio job I've ever run across -- this one included -- is a horrific wiring nightmare that's a royal pain in the ass to sort out. Especially while you're upside down with your head crammed in a dark footwell.

Jason Kavanagh, Engineering Editor

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