Edmunds Brings Can It Fit Augmented Reality Feature to Android
Updated Edmunds app for Android allows car shoppers to know if a vehicle will fit anywhere they want to park it before they buy

SANTA MONICA, CA — July 11, 2018 — Edmunds, the car-shopping experts, today announced an Android version of its Can It Fit augmented reality (AR) feature that allows car shoppers to visualize how different vehicles will fit in their garages, parking spaces and driveways before buying. Developed using ARCore, Google's platform for building AR experiences, the feature is included in the latest update of the Edmunds app for Android and makes it easier than ever for shoppers to research and find their perfect car via a mobile device.

Edmunds experts say a critical and often overlooked step in the shopping process is to confirm that the car you're looking to purchase can fit where you're planning to park it. Many dealerships offer extended test-drive programs that allow shoppers to take the vehicle home for a night, but this isn't always an option. This new AR feature from Edmunds allows car shoppers to conduct a virtual fit test with as many vehicles as they wish, right from their Android phone.

"We're thrilled that our Android users can now take advantage of AR to help them visualize almost any vehicle in their own space, and even give them the ability to walk around it and see how it will fit before they commit to such a large purchase," said Amanda Shumack, technical lead manager at Edmunds. "This feature is one example of how Edmunds is using advanced technology to help inform and reassure car shoppers during their car-buying journey."

The Can It Fit feature will be available alongside editorial reviews, photos and videos in the Edmunds app for Android. The feature leverages depth-sensing, area learning and motion-tracking technology to scan a local environment and create a 3D mesh of an environment. The 3D mesh then uses ARCore to determine if the 3D model of a vehicle can fit within that environment.

For the user, the experience is as simple as opening the application, which uses the phone's camera to scan a garage or parking space and then overlays a 3D model representative of the selected vehicle into the image. For driveways and other areas without walls, users will be able to create virtual walls in order to provide the same functionality. Once an area is learned, the user can cycle through different vehicles to see which ones may safely fit or not. The feature supports nearly all U.S. vehicles from 1990 to present.

This new feature is available now on the Edmunds app version 8.5 for phones running Android 7.0 and higher. Users can look for the feature in both the Tools menu and Vehicle Overview pages in the Edmunds app by tapping on the button labeled "Can It Fit?"

For more information on the Edmunds app, please visit the Google Play Store: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.edmunds&hl=en_US.

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