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1.7 out of 5 starssales Rating
Written by newman12ryan on 11/21/2010
I wanted to purchase a 2010 Dodge Journey. I went to Rouen as they had one with the options and colors that I wanted. It should be noted that my husband and I had a bad experience with Rouen in 2004 and left the dealership due to a rude salesman. The owner never returned my calls. The MSRP on the vehicle was $28,910. I offered $20,000 as I had also been working with Adrian Chrysler Dodge and they had indicated that they could meet that offer. The sales manager at Rouen told me that Adrian was lying to me and I would waste my time going up there. He then left me a voice mail on my home phone (which I still have) indicating that if I brought the price Adrian gave me to him, he would beat it. I went to Adrian the following day and worked out a deal for $21,500. This was a little higher than they had indicated on the phone, BUT, the vehicle MSRP was higher at over $29,000. I called the sales manager at Rouen and told him that I had the price in hand and that if he could still beat it, I would be in to purchase the vehicle that day. He started to argue with me that Adrian did lie to me as they did not meet the $20,000 they indicated. I told him that I was not going to argue with him, that was their offer and that if he beat it I would purchase from him. He called me back in 5 minutes and told me "Ok, $21,400" then proceeded to go back to how Adrian was lying to me. He then said "YOU KNOW WHAT? I AM NOT SELLING THE VEHICLE TO YOU. PURCHASE IT AT ADRIAN! " HE THEN HUNG THE PHONE UP ON ME! I have never been treated so rudely in my life. This is the 2nd time that I have been treated this way at Rouen. I will be reporting this to Chrysler corporation's CEO as well as the local news channels.
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