2013 Subaru BRZ Long Term Road Test

2013 Subaru BRZ: I'm Really Bad at Math

August 20, 2012


I know my limitations and math is certainly one of them. After I posted my thoughts about our long-term BRZ's wing, I received an email from someone at Subaru. His message confirmed one of our commenter's statements that the wing actually reduces the car's coefficient of drag from 0.29 to 0.28. I tried - believe me, I tried - to figure out what this 0.01 reduction means in practical terms, but failed.

So I turn to you, the masses of well-educated readers, to help me come up with a meaningful figure. How many miles per gallon will this save? How much higher of a top speed will this allow for? What does this spoiler do?

So have at it, readers. The best answer wins my undying respect and admiration.

Mark Takahashi, Automotive Editor

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