2011 Nissan Leaf Long-Term Road Test

2011 Nissan Leaf: What Range Anxiety?

March 08, 2011


Look at all that range, the Leaf will be fine around these parts. Unless one of us gets the sudden urge to drive to Amboy we'll be fine.

For the uninitiated, this map can be called up in the Leaf to give you a visual reference for how much range you have left. It's actually a bit misleading as the range limits are calculated "as the crow flies" so you're not likely to make it to the edge of the circle unless you have some sort of straight shot. I drove all of maybe 10 miles last night so it wasn't really an issue.

As far as the car itself, I like the overall driving experience. Everything about the Leaf is very simple and straightforward. It doesn't feel quite as futuristic as the Volt from behind the wheel. There's a little less gloss to everything although the Leaf does have an odd little musical chime when you turn it on. Seems like a pretty decent car given the final price.

Ed Hellwig, Editor @ 603 miles

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