2011 Nissan Leaf Long-Term Road Test

2011 Nissan Leaf: Cheaper to Park Than the Volt

July 22, 2011

Warning: Headline only applies to parking in Santa Monica.

Actually, it could apply in other municipalities, but I'm not familiar with the parking laws anywhere else. In Santa Monica, electric cars get free parking at any city meter. Actually, any car with a "Clean Vehicle Sticker" is afforded the same free pass but they're not handing those out anymore.

Who knows how long this little perk will last. At some point, a city official is going to add up the money being lost on free electric car parking and want that back in his/her budget. It's going to take awhile before that number is anything more than a few hundred bucks, though, so until then the Leaf has one more thing going for it.

Ed Hellwig, Editor, Edmunds.com

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