2011 MINI Cooper Countryman Long Term Road Test

2011 Mini Cooper Countryman All4: Rubber Shifter

November 18, 2011

Mini Cooper Countryman shifter.jpg

"Nice car!" That's what my young, bright classmate yelled to me as I waved and called out to her the other night. Yes, our long-term 2011 Mini Cooper Countryman All4 is a nice car. And like Anna, I too love the styling.

But the shifter isn't great. After driving it again for a few days to the LA Auto show I can confirm that it's very rubbery, and also hesistant to engage each slot. Additionally, I don't find the clutch engagement to be smooth, especially when starting from stopped.

These three things combine to make our Countryman difficult to drive smoothly.

Too bad. Otherwise, it's a nice car.

Albert Austria, Senior VE Engineer @ 16,500 miles

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