2011 Infiniti QX56 - Edmunds Ratings

2011 Infiniti QX56 Base (5.6L V8 4x4 7-speed Automatic)
Date Driven: 7/13/2010
Driving Dynamics Ours came with Hydraulic Body Motion Control, an optional system that replaces conventional stabilizer bars. It works fantastic and the QX drives smaller than it looks. There's little body roll or brake dive, and it steers with confidence.
Ride Comfort Hydraulic Body Motion Control means this SUV doesn't float or wallow at all; the primary ride is very composed. But the 22-inch wheels and tires don't have enough sidewall to completely filter our sharp edges and pavement cracks on rough roads.
Quietness Despite the SUV shape, little wind noise makes its way into the cabin and those 22-inch tires are well hushed. Engine noise is subdued when cruising and it sounds refined and powerful (but never overloud) when you stand on it. Impressive.
Ergonomics The seating position is, of course, upright and highly adjustable. The controls are easily understood and easy to operate.
Visibility Visibility is better than expected. The blind spots are smaller than you'd think and the standard perimeter camera system has no equal in parking situations. And the optional adaptive headlights are among the best we've seen.
Seat Access & Space As with all frame-based SUVs, step-up height is a factor. Grab handles and running boards are there to help, but a lower roof means tall folks may have to duck as they step in. Once inside there's plenty of head- and legroom.
Cargo & Storage The QX offers plenty of cargo and storage options, and the second- and third-row seats never have to be removed and stored in the garage. They fold in place, and no headrests have to be removed and hidden.
Build Quality Our car's paint was rich and smooth, and the metal accents have a tasteful luster that looks authentic. It's much the same inside, with nice-looking plastics, metal accents and leather and tasteful burl-wood trim.
Towing There's plenty of power to support the 8,500-pound tow rating. A standard rear load-leveling air suspension helps support the trailer's tongue weight, and a standard hitch and seven-pin wiring socket are hidden behind an easily removed panel.
Off-Road Our QX has good ground clearance and a real low-range transfer case, and Hydraulic Body Motion Control increases wheel articulation off-road. But these 22-inch wheels and tires are not trail optimized and the whole truck seems too pretty.

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