2012 Honda CR-V Long Term Road Test

2012 Honda CR-V: Are You Kidding Me?

November 19, 2012


Oh, great! This is exactly what I don't need while driving to the airport at 0-dark:30 on the way to catch an early flight to Japan. Our 2012 Honda CR-V is throwing me a two-fer: a TMPS warning light and a maintenance light.

I can not miss my flight, and leastways I have no tire gauge, no handy gas station with an air hose. Still, a very quick stop on the roadside for a hasty visual check is warranted. All four tires look the same, so I press on, figuring I'm good to go for the 25 remaining miles to the airport parking lot, where I can deal with the tire if time permits.

Thankfully, the TPMS light winks out about ten minutes later, making me think it's at least partially temperature-related. Maybe all four tires are a little low and the low morning temps were enough to illuminate the light until they got some heat in them. I can sort that out later.

But the panic got me thinking about Wally Park, a particular LAX airport parking outfit I frequent. They have mechanics that can perform an oil change and do other minor work while you're out of town, but I've never bothered. Maybe now is the time to give it a try.


The pricing for the synthetic 0W-20 oil and filter change I want looks reasonable, so I put in my order and hand over the keys to the valet. They throw in a free car wash, too.

Minutes later I'm on the airport shuttle on the way to the terminal. We'll see how this pans out when I get back. So far the very idea of having an oil change done while the car sits idle anyway is quite appealing.

Dan Edmunds, Director of Vehicle Testing @ 11,098 miles

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