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1998 Honda Civic

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Honda Civic Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 1.6 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 106 hp @ 6200 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 27/34 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1998 Honda Civic

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  • Safety
  • Pros

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  • Cons

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  • What's New for 1998

    Select 1998 Honda Civic models get new wheel covers, a rear hatch handle and map lights.

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Customer Reviews

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Great car

by on
Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic DX 2dr Coupe

My sister bought it a few years old with very low miles and I picked it up off of her 7 years ago with 100K. Its still going strong at 201K with regular 3k oil changes. This is a northeast car where it battles large blizzards, oppressive heat and salt. Here's what has failed and replaced in the last 100k...it was pretty much flawless for the first 100k. I beat on it a bit, lol. Exhaust system (still has orig manifold), distributor cap, radiator, rear swing arm, front brakes a few times, rear brake line, drivers side power window motor, headliner issues, few sets of tires, relay issue with blinker, rear 02 sensor, clearcoat starting to peel. Otherwise it's a great car...

Love my lil 4 banger

by on
Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic DX 2dr Coupe

I bought this car in 1998. Was my first new car. I was into the fast and furious concepts of things. The only mod I still have left on the car is air intake and the exhuast tip. I have gone through 1 window mash attempt to steal the car. They didnt steal at that time. On the side nice big scrape on the passenger door which I never fixed. Then the car was stolen and took my nice after market system with sub and amps. To say the least I was bummed. They found the car 3 days later. I had my insurace restore the car to stock has I bought brand new. I can say I have repalced several things over the pass 14 years with 145,000 miles on it ans still running great.

My best friend

by on
Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic DX 2dr Coupe

I've bought my civic last year when it had 77K miles. So far I have driven 10K miles and no problems at all. Although the car is not flashy or fast, it is very reliable and can take your from point A to point B with low gas usage. The handling is very nice and this car will look very nice with some sporty rims or a spoiler. I am planning on keeping it until I finish college, and then buying a newer civic! :)

The best little honda ever

by on
Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic DX 2dr Coupe

I ran my little red 98 Honda civic dx into the ground. I was hoping it would last me until I graduated college but after almost 9 years it's time had come...a piston broke in the engine which would have been twice as much as the car. She had a long run. She went through 5 break ins, 5 stolen radios, 2 mufflers and exhaust systems, 2 windshield replacements, 2 window cranks, 2 sideview mirrors, a starter, sparkplugs and 4 accidents one being with a 10-point buck at 70 mph. Although she shook when I got her to 80, she rode right along at 120. Although the interior and exterior wasn't anything fancy, she ran long and hard through thick and thin. RIP little Honda...best car ever.

My sweet honda

by on
Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic DX 2dr Coupe

This is the only car I have ever owned, and until I can save up to buy a new one with cash, it will be. This car had 72 miles on it when I got it 11 years ago, and has 236,000 today. Other than replacing the exhaust manifold and the blower motor on the air conditioner,it has only required regular maintenance. It gets good gas mileage, around 350 miles a tank. It is super reliable, and I don't think that I will ever love a car as much. If it breaks down tomorrow, it has been an excellent car!

Great car for the money

by on
Vehicle: 1998 Honda Civic DX 2dr Coupe

After 177,000 miles, The only repairs have been a new catalytic converter ($550) and an A/C compressor ($1300). This is a great car for a do-it-yourself mechanic. I now do 99% of the maintenance myself and I expect to keep this car until it reaches 300,000 miles. I bought it new in Jan. 1999. I haven't even had to replace a head light or signal light bulb. I get 36.5 MPG at highway speeds, even after 9 years of use. Around town I get 29 MPG. I wish that was higher.

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What's New for 1998

Select 1998 Honda Civic models get new wheel covers, a rear hatch handle and map lights.

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  • 34
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