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1993 Honda Accord

Honda Accord Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.2 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 140 hp @ 5600 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 21/29 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1993 Honda Accord

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  • What's New for 1993

    The SE model is reintroduced as the top-of-the-line Accord. A passenger airbag is added.

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Perhaps my best accord!

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Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord EX 4dr Sedan

I just posted yesterday, but I still have more things to say! I drove my 93 EX today and noticed that it just might be better than the 99 EX-L I owned in the early 2000s! My 93 may not be as big and comfortable, but it's definitely on par with that 99!! The 5 speed brings all 142 horses to life and the styling still holds up today! I have a factory cd player in there and the factory speakers still thump! I know the car is nearly 20 years old, but next to this car and the legend, name another 18-20 year old car that looks this good... Exactly.

Still "according..."

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Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord EX 4dr Sedan

This will was my fourth accord that I purchased in September of 2010. I owned a 91 EX coupe 5 speed in high school (3 years), a 99 EX-L sedan 5 speed for 4 years, a 91 LX sedan 5 speed for 5 years (that one had idling issues btw), and now I'm back to my roots with my EX, which was only! The performance is good considering it's age but I don't think it was faster than my 99 vtec. My only problem is that it isn't too comfortable but that's b/c I was spoiled by the roomier EX-L and I'm 6ft with long legs! lol. I know some have had the misfortune of owning a lemon, but Honda has been good to me for the past 12 years! When I finish school, I plan on an 06-07 V6 sedan 6 speed!

Best car i ever had

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Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord EX 4dr Sedan

This car ran like it was new when it was 16 years old with 190k miles. Its life was cut short by an accident, but I loved this car. Many cars (even newer ones) make noises or everything just seems flimsy, but this car ran and felt great. I chose not to buy a Honda again because I believe they have actually become overrated. I loved this car, but the prices for cars like this have become outrageous in the past few years. It was a great car, not a magical car that never will die or require maintenance.

My accord

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Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord EX 4dr Sedan

Bought this car in April of 2010. It had been owned by a couple since 1994 but had been sitting for 6mons. After a jump, the car had no issues coming back to life. The five speed manual makes the most of the zippy 2.2 L. It's way faster than my moms 01 Vtec Accord! Its ultra reliable. I with 171K I drove it 3.5 Hours at 80-90 mph and over a mountain pass no probs and averaged 37 mpg. Let's just say I drive a faster, better looking, and significantly better looking and practical prius! Acon works, but it doesn't love the heat. Sunroof is awesome. Stock stereo is actually great, an aftermarket cd deck would make it excellent.

11 years of pure driving

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Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord EX 4dr Sedan

Honda got it all right with this sweet little machine! This is an amazing little sports sedan in sheep's clothing. The extremely smooth 140 horsepower 16 valve dual overhead cam engine sings when the RPMs get above 3,000 plus and it just keeps on a pulling. The entire design of the car is brilliant as it sits low with a low dash and big glass so the driving position, instrumentation and view out is perfect. The suspension and steering make it a blast to drive especially when tied to the 5 speed manual. The interior is smart and sporty and makes most new cars pale in comparison. I love this car because it's the best of all worlds and cost next to nothing to maintain.

Excellent all around vehicle

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Vehicle: 1993 Honda Accord EX 4dr Sedan

Bought this car new 16 years ago. Now has 175K and it still runs well and looks good. It has needed some repairs recently, which I would expect with all the miles, but overall it has been an excellent and very reliable car. The four cylinder engine is economical delivering 23 city/28 highway, yet offers plenty power to "get up and go". Easy to drive, with excellent handling characteristics. Comfortable seats and nice view of the road with low dashboard and large windshield. Economical to operate and maintain. Tires wear like iron, I get almost 50K miles on a set of tires. Brakes last a long time too.

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What's New for 1993

The SE model is reintroduced as the top-of-the-line Accord. A passenger airbag is added.

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