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1993 Geo Metro Hatchback

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Geo Metro Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 1.0 L Inline 3-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 55 hp @ 5700 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 38/45 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1993 Geo Metro

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  • What's New for 1993

    Automatic door locks are added. Convertibles can have an optional CD player.

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Customer Reviews

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Dream car!

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Geo Metro

Searched for ANY model/year metro for the past 9 months-price/condition ratio not acceptable. but luck would have it, i sold my blown engine 2001 corolla and had the money when this XFI pops up on Craigslist. other co-incidences aside-the guy shows up and the clutch is slipping-according to him it just started doing that [fat chance] and i said, "i'll give you $500"-he said ok. well i'll tell you-that car is fun as can be to drive! i put a new clutch in/tuned 'er up and my 100 mile round trip commute is a joy thinking about all that money i'm saving.

My first car

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Geo Metro

I got my geo metro as my first car because it was cheap and cute. It was the best decision I have ever made. I have had the car 6 months, have had to put a new set of tires on it and change the water pump. In all, not more then $300 in repairs. I love this car. And if it ever dies, which I doubt it will because it is more of a beast then my moms car, I will buy another in a heart beat. There isn't really anything I don't enjoy about this car. It is the best first car anyone can have, as long as they are reliable and wont wreck it, because they are simply awesome on gas and are on the cheap end of things when it comes to repairs. I'm glad I have my metro. =)

Living within your means

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Geo Metro

This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. They quit making this car because it was to economical and reliable. 16 years and 230,000 miles with less than 200 dollars in parts, that is what I call having your cake and eating it too. I only wish that I could buy a new one today. This is my primary vehicle, which I own several new ones that cannot compare all around.

Best car i've ever owned

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Geo Metro

I bought this Geo Metro new, and I have 210,000 miles on it. It uses no oil between 3,000 mile changes. The only repairs I've had are 3 timing belts (the old ones looked like new) I did this myself, one starter after 195,000 miles, one distributer sensor. My first timing belt cost $9.97, last one cost $19.97, -no other repairs. My gasoline mileage is tops 61 MPG, low 41 mpg (town only). I have a new Nissan 6 cyl Nissan Altima, but I will never sell my Geo Metro, as I use it 90% of the time.

322,000 on chassis 2nd eng&3rd

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Geo Metro

I love my Metro I have had it 12 years I put 222,000 miles on it since i bought it.I installed a motorcycle muffler and it sounds and performs great. I drive 88 miles a day.It is so easy to work on changing the eng or tranny in a few hours. It to me is both pricelss and worthless at the same time. I would not sell it for $4000 I am planning on seeing 1,000,000 miles. I laugh at the $4.00 gas and big SUV's

Best car i've ever owned

by on
Vehicle: 1992 Geo Metro

I bought my Geo Metro new in Oct. 1991 as a 1992 model. I have a little over 208,000 miles on it, and it has never been overhauled and does not use any oil between changes at 3000 miles. The only repairs needed since purchase is the starter at 148,000 miles, and the front struts at Sears at about 100,000 mi with a lifetime warranty, and a replacement (no charge) at 201,000 mi. I still get average 33 mpg in town, and 47 mpg on a trip. I've replaced front wheel brakes myself twice (about $20.00). I will never sell or trade this car and I love driving it better than my new Nissan Altima, and I do drive it more. My Geo is a 5 speed manual. I replace the timing belt myself about every 60K miles.

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What's New for 1993

Automatic door locks are added. Convertibles can have an optional CD player.

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Gas Mileage


  • 38
  • cty
  • 45
  • highway
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