2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid Long Term Road Test

2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid: Car Wars

October 29, 2010


In the neighborhood where I grew up in Philly, the neighbors always fought over parking spots. If you parked in front of someone else's house, chances are you'd come out to damage the next day. Seriously, it was that bad. Slashed tires, Pepsi poured on the paint, the occasional egging if you were lucky.

When I look at the easy access fuel door of our Ford Fusion Hybrid, I think convenient for you and your sociopathic neighbor. This picture says sugar in the gas tank to me. All too easy. Not only does the fuel door not lock, you don't even have to waste time unscrewing the cap. And with mischief night coming up, better park that baby in a garage.

Donna DeRosa, Managing Editor @ 9,466 miles

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$125 per month*
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