2012 Chevrolet Sonic Long Term Road Test

2012 Chevy Sonic LTZ: -omething's -issing

February 24, 2012

sonic ipod.jpg

Yes, I stole this title from Mark Takahashi. In July he wrote a blog on our 2011 Kia Optima that said, "This isn't a new problem, nor is it exclusive to the Optima. But when I listen to my iPod/iPhone in some cars, the first half-second or so of a song gets cut off. It bugs me, but certainly not as much as throttle tip-in or rough shifts."

Remove the "rough shifts" part of that and you have the Chevy Sonic. It cuts off the first second/half-second of every song when played through an iPod/USB device. It's maddening, especially on albums where one song's end is the next song's intro.

Mark finished his blog well, too. I'm going to steal that. "Whatever the case, here's my open letter to car manufacturers: Please stop doing this. Thanks."

Mike Magrath, Features Editor, Edmunds.com

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