2012 Chevrolet Sonic Long Term Road Test

2012 Chevrolet Sonic: High Gas Prices, But This Time Is Different

March 12, 2012


The last time fuel prices surged in 2008, car shoppers reacted by gravitating towards more fuel efficient cars. That was fine unless you were a domestic automaker with nothing of substance to offer those shoppers.

But times have changed.

Actually, you could argue Chevrolet and Ford are well positioned should high fuel prices continue or even increase more. In both the subcompact and compact segments, the Sonic/Cruze and Fiesta/Focus are critically acclaimed and fully competitive choices. No longer are Honda and Toyota the only games in town.

Incidentally, for the fill up I did in the above photo, the Sonic logged 35.6 mpg, its best tank so far. That was me driving it for 280 miles of mixed city/highway. It might also lends credence to some of the comments made on Carroll's earlier post this month responding to why the Sonic's mpg numbers seem low -- for this tank it was more highway mileage, no Los Angeles commuting (I work remotely from our Santa Monica office) and my general small-car driving style, which I suspect is more conservative than the editorial norm. We'll see. I'll be driving the Sonic for at least another week.

Brent Romans, Senior Automotive Editor @ 4,323 miles

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