Top 10 Sedans for Taller Drivers for 2010

If you're a taller driver shopping for a new sedan, you know that certain interior dimensions can make or break your relationship with a vehicle. Generous legroom means greater comfort for your long limbs, and ample headroom ensures that there's space for your noggin. Since taller folks often have wider builds, hiproom is also important — more is better, and too little can result in a tight squeeze.

With taller drivers in mind, we've compiled a list of the 10 sedans with the most driver and front-passenger space for 2010. Our rankings are based on an average of head, hip- and legroom, and all measurements are in inches. The best way to see if a vehicle suits your frame is to take it for a test-drive; still, this list could help you winnow your options.

One thing to keep in mind: A sunroof is not a tall driver's friend. You may want to avoid this option on your vehicle, since it can reduce headroom.

  1. 2010 Nissan Altima

    1. 2010 Nissan Altima

    Front headroom: 40.6
    Front legroom: 44.1
    Front hiproom: 56.8
    Front interior room: 47.2

  2. 2010 Honda Accord

    2. 2010 Honda Accord (tie)

    Front headroom: 41.4
    Front legroom: 42.5
    Front hiproom: 56.6
    Front interior room: 46.8

  3. 2010 Mercedes-Benz S-Class

    2. 2010 Mercedes-Benz S-Class (tie)

    Front headroom: 37.8
    Front legroom: 41.9
    Front hiproom: 60.8
    Front interior room: 46.8

  4. 2009 Kia Amanti

    3. 2009 Kia Amanti

    Front headroom: 40.0
    Front legroom: 44.5
    Front hiproom: 55.2
    Front interior room: 46.6

  5. 2010 Hyundai Genesis

    4. 2010 Hyundai Genesis (tie)

    Front headroom: 40.4
    Front legroom: 44.3
    Front hiproom: 54.9
    Front interior room: 46.5

  6. 2010 Infiniti G37

    4. 2010 Infiniti G37 (tie)

    Front headroom: 40.5
    Front legroom: 43.9
    Front hiproom: 55.1
    Front interior room: 46.5

  7. 2010 Hyundai Azera

    4. 2010 Hyundai Azera (tie)

    Front headroom: 40.2
    Front legroom: 43.7
    Front hiproom: 55.5
    Front interior room: 46.5

  8. 010 Hyundai Sonata

    5. 2010 Hyundai Sonata

    Front headroom: 40.1
    Front legroom: 43.7
    Front hiproom: 55.5
    Front interior room: 46.4

  9. 6. 2010 Infiniti M35 (tie)

    Front headroom: 39.6
    Front legroom: 44.2
    Front hiproom: 55.1
    Front interior room: 46.3

  10. 6. 2010 Infiniti M45 (tie)

    Front headroom: 39.6
    Front legroom: 44.2
    Front hiproom: 55.1
    Front interior room: 46.3


  • This list is what happens when writers rely on mfrg measurements versus actually being a tall driving that actually drives the car in question. I have owned, rented, or used 6 of the cars on the list. As a tall driver, I can tell you that 6 should not be on this list in any form or fashion (the Infinitis are terrible for tall drivers as is the Nissan). In my experience as a guy who loves cars; rents cars all of the time, puts 50,000 miles on the road annually and is very tall that these are your best bets: Cadillac CTS, Mercedes S or E class; Audi A6 or Q7; Infiniti QX 56; Toyota Camry; and the Scions. Terrible cars for tall drivers include the Jeep Wrangler, Chevy Malibu, Ford Flex, Range Rover Sport; Mercedes G-Class, Chevy Suburban and the Infiniti FX. I have lots of tall friends that own the aforementioned cars and like them – however – you need to prefer being close to the wheel in all cases which I do not.

  • jack772 jack772 Posts:

    Shame on you...not an american car in the bunch. Chrysler 300, plenty of leg and head room....even with a sunroof. I'm a big/tall guy. I bet there are others, too.

  • richdb_ richdb_ Posts:

    Bought a 2013 focus titanium HB for wife. Amazingly, with the seat all the way down and back, and the wheel at maximum tilt/telescope, I have good leg room and knee clearance. I'm only 6'5" but with long legs and have very little choice in cars with comfortable knee clearance. Just tried 2013 cadillac XTS and lincoln MKS and don't fit. Previous model of chrysler 300 was good but not the new improved version. Maxima used to be good due to lots of tilt/telescope until they added paddle shifters which took up knee room. Auto makers: stop adding room to the rear seat and add it to the front. The person who buys the car does NOT sit in the back seat!!!

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