Top 10 Car-Savvy Gift Ideas for Gals

Gift-giving occasions seem to crop up all the time — holidays, anniversaries, birthdays…they never end. Well, getting gifts is great. But if you "forget" to get something for your gal, or even worse, get something cheap and tacky, you'll be slumbering with Fido out in the backyard. Face it; gift shopping is a cold reality you can't ignore. "Oops, I forgot" won't cut it. And if you've got a car-savvy gal to shop for, you've really got your work cut out for you.

So skip the same old last-minute crap you buy her every time. Get her some car-related stuff she'll actually enjoy. Don't worry, though. We're making it easy for you — just browse our Top 10 Car-Savvy Gift Ideas for Gals list, and start charging up the debt. She'll be thrilled when she opens your gifts (that's gifts, not gift) and finds something useful and tasteful. Your apparent loving research and time investment will surely bring out her puppy dog eyes. Either that or she'll think you're cheating on her, and trying to allay your guilt by lavishing her with presents. Either way, you're sure to have a memorable occasion!

  1. Tod's Antibes Driving Moccasins

    1. Driving Moccasins

    You've probably never thought of this one if you're a guy. See, many women wear high-heeled shoes. Lo and behold, those heels make it hard to drive! The solution? Try giving her some Tod's Antibes Driving Moccasins ($345) from the good folks at Just don't look at the price tag. She can leave them in the car, and simply slip them on for driving. The look is chic enough that she can wear them out of the car, if necessary, without drawing gasps of horror from the fashion police.

  2. Tiffany & Co. 1837 Collection valet key ring

    2. Valet Key Ring

    Not just any key ring will do, dear. This one: Tiffany & Co. 1837 Collection valet key ring ($140) from, you guessed it, Hey, that little blue box alone will score you more points than you can possibly imagine. Forget the name, though; this particular key ring has quick-release rings for valet use, or even for securing inside a purse. A word of warning, though; this gift can backfire on you. When she sees that Tiffany blue box, she'll assume it contains diamond-emblazoned jewelry. Make sure you have a backup plan in place.

  3. 3. Cyclone Purse

    Usually, buying your gal a purse is a big no-no. The risk of not getting the right color, brand, style…there are just too many factors to consider. Nevertheless, offers a fun little tote that your car-savvy gal will love: the Cyclone Purse ($52). It's made from a real New York state license plate, and snaps closed with a bottle cap charm. Heck, at worst she'll get a good laugh (or maybe a guffaw) at your expense, but deep inside she'll appreciate your thoughtfulness and creativity. Just tell her how cool she'll look with it — flattery never fails.

  4. 4. Driving Gloves

    Nobody likes to grip a freezing-cold steering wheel every morning. So give her some protection and comfort with these leather gloves ($50) from good 'ole Other varieties are available, and these can even be found at your local department store. Just in case they're the "wrong color" (which means she hates them), they'll be easy to return.

  5. 5. Seat Heaters

    So you've got gloves to keep her hands toasty while she drives, but what about the rest of her body? Seat heaters to the rescue! Rather than buy a completely new car (with factory heaters), just take a gander at It offers a great car seat heater kit (sale price, $149.95) so you can retrofit the old jalopy for your sweetie. Insider secret: tell your gal these seat heaters aren't just for chilly days. Some women say they're great for helping soothe those female-specific aches and pains — all year long.

  6. 6. Portable Navigation System

    Chances are, your gal will actually admit she gets lost sometimes. Rather than stock the car with maps, just give her the sure-fire solution — a navigation system. Magellan offers a variety of portable GPS units that are easy to use and quite accurate. Not only will she have the peace of mind knowing she'll always be able to find her way home, she'll also take comfort in the comprehensive listings of business and services (i.e. malls and gas stations) to which this handy device will guide her.

  7. Goddess of Parking

    7. Parking Goddess

    The simple task of finding a place to park can seem impossible from time to time. Show your gal you care by giving her a Wind-up Parking Goddess ($4.95 for 2) from All she's gotta do is wind up the dashtop goddess, and she'll flap her wings as if to lift the car above the masses and gently drop it into the perfect parking space. This thoughtful gift even includes a special prayer to offer the Goddess for best results.

  8. 8. Mobile Office

    Got a gal on the go? She could probably use an Auto Exec Travel Desk (ranges from $115.11 to $178.74) from This handy organizer sits right on the passenger seat, and includes a non-skid top to keep equipment from sliding around, a storage compartment and numerous nooks and crannies. Various styles are available, with features that range from a locking slide-out clipboard for additional writing space, to a space that can hold up to 50 hanging files.

  9. 9. Road Trip in a Luxury Car

    Don't have the dough to buy your gal a new Jag? Rent one from, and take a romantic road trip! Hertz offers their Prestige Collection, a line of sports and luxury cars you can rent just as easily as any boring minivan. Plan a little weekend getaway, and take her there in style. Or, how 'bout a sneaky little switcheroo in the family vacation plans? Instead of taking that boring sedan you have reserved at the airport, switch it to a Cadillac Escalade or Volvo S80. And open her door for her, for goodness sake.

  10. 10. Roadside Emergency Kit

    Plan for the worst, and hope for the best. Show your car-savvy gal you care about her safety with this AAA Road Adventurer Emergency Kit ($84.95) from This well-thought-out kit contains an array of roadside emergency essentials, such as a comprehensive first-aid kit, heavy-duty jumper cables, basic hand tools and an air compressor. This isn't a flashy or elegant gift by any means, but it does confirm that you have her safety and well-being at heart.

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