2008 Cadillac CTS Long Term Road Test

2008 Cadillac CTS V6 DI: Increasingly remote

January 13, 2009

snowy caddy lead sized.jpg

As a farewell to the CTS long-termer Detroit gave the Caddy one last blast of winter. As I write this, Messrs. Oldham and Hellwig are driving the Caddy back to California to finish out its stay in the long-term fleet. Either that or Hellwig is pushing the CTS out of a roadside ditch along I-94 that's knee-deep in snow while Oldham screams from the heated driver's seat, "Come on, guy, put down your purse and push!"

Anyway, the picture above reminds me of one the Cadillac's attributes that I haven't given proper public credit: the factory-installed remote start function. I know Cadillac, or even GM, is not alone in having a factory system. But I can tell you that the pricier BMW X5 that the boys left with me in Detroit doesn't have it. I will miss it. It protected me from countless cold-induced muscle spasms and made me the envy of my neighborhood. (Yes, even more than usual). -- Daniel Pund, Senior Editor, Detroit at 20,800 miles

snowy caddy head sized.jpg snowy caddy tail sized.jpg

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