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2000 Volvo V70 Wagon

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Volvo V70 Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.4 L Inline 5-cylinder
  • Drivetrain All Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 4-speed Automatic
  • Horse Power 190 hp @ 5100 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 16/23 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 2000 Volvo V70

  • Volvo's V70 offers space and safety in addition to speed (in T5 guise) and snow-busting capability (Cross Country models).

  • Safety
  • Pros

    Superb comfort, plenty of safety equipment, solid construction and amazing braking ability.

  • Cons

    High price, odd control placement.

  • What's New for 2000

    Engine improvements, a new transmission and equipment upgrades constitute the changes for these 2000 Volvos. The V70 AWD and V70 T-5 have been discontinued.

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Customer Reviews

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Running well

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Vehicle: 1999 Volvo V70

We purchased this V-70 over a year ago. Yup, the tail gate cover was loose, but it was easy to fix. Oxygen sensor went out, a little pricy but another easy fix. Gets 22.7 city and 28.9 hwy which increased a bit with new plugs. Overall this is a great little car, I hope to run it to 300,000 which is where my last two Fords gave up the ghost.

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Nicest of the 12 cars

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Vehicle: 1999 Volvo V70

My previous car was a 1988 740 GLE. I put 365,000 miles on that, sold it for 700.00, and it is STILL someone's daily driver. The V70 has 186,000 on it, and I've been driving it for 4 years. In that time the only thing I've had to do that wouldn't be considered REGULAR USED CAR UPKEEP is have the throttle body assembly replaced (fully under warranty). I've replaced the plugs, changed the oil regularly, replaced one tie rod, had the brakes done once and fixed one of the fog lights.(NYC driver POTHOLES) I also bought a kit for 13 bucks to secure the inside panel of the tailgate. I love this car, and plan on getting a 2006/2007 model in a couple years, prob my last before having to go electric

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Don't buy

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Volvo V70

Bought this car because I gave my Honda Civic to daughter. Thought it would be reliable and safe. Well it turned out to be safe, as an unmoving car is pretty safe. The car frequently stalls out for no reason and the dealership hasn't been able to figure out what the problem is (after changing out numerous electrical parts and sensors). I would get another car, but I went back to school and don't have the money too. I've dumped about $3,200 into car, wish I would have never purchased.

Pretty decent car!

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Vehicle: 1999 Volvo V70

Bought this car in January and it's been a pleasure to own. I got it VERY cheap, and all I had to do was put new tires on it and about $700 worth of suspension work. Other than that the car has been pretty much trouble free. No break downs. Check engine light pops up about once a week. But usually goes away. Drivers door window pack isn't working right. A/C works when it wants to. One door doesn't lock and the car seems to think one door is open always. So just removed dinger and light fuses. Tailgate panel still makes noise even with new clips. A couple creaks and rattles. Gas mileage is pretty bad for a wagon. About 14 city 25 highway. But it has been a decent car for the price.

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Good overall, many small repairs

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Vehicle: 1999 Volvo V70

Got mine from my father w/ around 145k miles. Originally a rental. Drove good, handled good, could take it camping, did fine in semi-off road conditions, very comfortable seats, good MPG, somewhat cheap to fill up, roomy. Inside covering for the back hatch came off/apart frequently - had sketchy mounts. Terrible cup holders, couldn't use center compartment when in use. Lots of minor/major? repairs including belts, strut cushions, something to do w/ the heater/ac, speakers on one side stopped working, hose burst once, steering out of alignment - car "rumbled" at 75+ MPH. Over all enjoyed the car. Crashed at almost 160k miles, still going strong. Appreciate it much more now that it's gone.

Money pit

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Vehicle: 1999 Volvo V70

The only good thing I can say about this car is that I've never had a breakdown and tow. Nevertheless it's been an unending series of expensive repairs involving the cooling and electrical system, including an ABS rebuild, throttle body failure, oxygen sensor replacement, and the replacement of too many to count switches and bulbs. There is no such thing as a simple oil and filter change; always some aggravating expensive repair. I feel like I'm rebuilding this car as I go along, and I've taken good care of it. Now we're into college years and I can't afford to replace it. Only 94000 miles and the worst car purchase in over 40 years of ownership. Shame on volvo for peddling this junk.

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What's New for 2000

Engine improvements, a new transmission and equipment upgrades constitute the changes for these 2000 Volvos. The V70 AWD and V70 T-5 have been discontinued.

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  • 23
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