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1999 Plymouth Neon

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Plymouth Neon Features and Specs

Features & Specs

  • Engine 2.0 L Inline 4-cylinder
  • Drivetrain Front Wheel Drive
  • Transmission 5-speed Manual
  • Horse Power 150 hp @ 6500 rpm
  • Fuel Economy 24/36 mpg
  • Bluetooth No
  • Navigation No
  • Heated Seats No

Review of the 1999 Plymouth Neon

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  • Safety
  • Pros

    Zippy performance with 5-speed and DOHC engine. Handles the twisties with aplomb. Great value.

  • Cons

    Loud interior. High-silled greenhouse results in that "sitting in a bathtub" feeling. Sketchy reliability history.

  • What's New for 1999

    Nothing changes for '99.

What Others Are Saying

Customer Reviews

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Pretty good car

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso 4dr Sedan

I bought this Neon as my first car, and as a teenage guy I wasn't sure I wanted such a wimpy car. Well, I have had it over a year now, and I love it to death. I have had two small problems with it, the starter motor gave out, and the power locks are giving out. Other than that, it has been a great car. I love the stock sound system, the 6X9's in the back are awesome, but I did put in a new head unit, and now it sounds even better. I also put new hubcaps on becuase the stock ones where hideous. (the graffiti interior pattern is also very ugly, but seat covers can fix that). Great car if you want to put a little bit of creativity into it.

Not a bad car

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Vehicle: 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso 4dr Sedan

This was my second car ever. Went in, had a fun drive with it, and bought it. Only major issue was the head gasket leak which was caused by a poor design. Replaced the old head gasket with a new MLS one, no problem since. A minor issue was a new valve cover gasket replaced after 75k miles. $30 and 30 minutes in your driveway will take care of this, no big deal. This was my first Neon of two and I plan on buying another. They're fairly common part cars and easy to fix. I love the DOHC engine but the 3-speed automatic can be a slouch at times. Keep up with your oil changes and a Neon will last you a long time.

Neons are reliable for single

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso 4dr Sedan

I love my noen I first got one when i was 16 shortly after got rid of it reasons unknown but after my divorce i was stranded with no car being a single mom with two kids money is tight and i found the neon very afordable only problem they are in the top ten cars stolen as i found out when mine was taken. They should all come with alarms

I love my little neon

by on
Vehicle: 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso 4dr Sedan

I've driven my car across the country a few times, and after 175,000, it's still running great. For the most part, it's been reliable and fun to drive. I've had to make two semi-major repairs ($500 each), but that seems pretty good considering the mileage. I would imagine anyone who takes care of this car having an enjoyable experience.

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Vehicle: 1999 Plymouth Neon Expresso 4dr Sedan

When I first went to buy a car I was looking for a used Toyota. The dealership told me about a good deal they had running on Neon's. I almoast turned around and walked out, thinking the Neon was a "disposable car" but I decided to try it. The only 5 speed they had on the Lot was a tricked out expresso with most of the goodies. As soon as I got it out on the road, the car was sold. Recently 4/03 I traded it for a Toyota corolla, (Big Mistake) repairable mistake thank goodness.

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What's New for 1999

Nothing changes for '99.

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  • 24
  • cty
  • 36
  • highway
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