2009 Nissan GT-R Long-Term Road Test

2009 Nissan GT-R Video: 0-170 mph in 33 seconds

May 14, 2009


The video of this 0-170 mph run is on the next page. Turn up the volume. Of course this was brought to you by a professional driver on a closed course. And that hired hot shoe told me that the GT-R didn't even know it was going stupid fast. Besides a slight lightening of the steering above 150 mph the car is dead stable at this speed. Rock solid enough for me...I mean the driver to work the video camera with one hand and steer with the other.

By the way, the GT-R still had more than 20 mph left in it (Nissan says it is aero limited to 193 mph), although it's interesting to see how the acceleration slows about 150 mph. Watch the digital speedo. From zero to a buck fifty the GT-R is accelerating in 3 or 4 mph chunks. But above 150 mph, after it shifts 6th gear, its essentially rolling in single digits.

Scott Oldham, Edmunds Editor in Chief @ 20,295 miles

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