The 24 hours of Vegas - 2009 Nissan GT-R Long-Term Road Test

2009 Nissan GT-R Long-Term Road Test

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2009 Nissan GT-R: The 24 hours of Vegas

June 30, 2009

R35 at Encore.jpg

I got a short notice invitation to go to Vegas last week.
Well, I did sign up for our long term 2009 Nissan GT-R for the weekend. That sealed it for me.

It's about 285 miles from my home on the Westside of LA and I got about 17 mpg roundtrip. It took 4 hours to get there, but 5.5 hours to get back on Sunday due to the horrendous traffic.

Although there is a great deal of road noise and some wind noise, the R35 is a superb tourer. It has supportive seats, but not at the expense of any comfort. While the ride is quite firm, even in the comfort setting, it's manageable. And power? No problem -- you can slice through traffic like a katana sword.

I saw a black GT-R in front of a fancy hotel. It may have belonged an NBA star because we spotted D.Fisher of the Lakers and a few other players by the pool.

A few other notes:

1. I find the analog speedo useless, with the numbers too close together to read quickly with a brief glance. I prefer to use the digital speedo in bottom of the tach. (The speedo looks deceptively big and uncluttered in the photo.)

2. The fuel range readout is useful too, but you have to toggle through multiple displays including the digital speedo. I'd like to have the speedo and range available simultaneously.

About that fuel range readout...

Skyline GT-R speedo.jpg   Skyline GT-R fuel range display.jpg

Skyline GT-R Riveria.jpg

It's helpful most the time, except when you're in the bottom of the tank, when you need it most. You see, the readout is pretty linear throughout most of the range and when you're moving along.

However, I had just less than a quarter of the 19.5 gallon tank left and saw that Barstow was just 15 miles away, with plenty of fuel stations. The range display read 60 miles. No problem, I thought. But then I ran into a big traffic jam due to an agricultural check just west of Yermo (that didn't show up on the navi traffic.)

We were goingly slowly, but still moving as the fuel range readout plummetted in increments of 10 or more from 60 miles to Zero in matter of minutes and a few miles. I exited at Yermo and asked a woman who looked local where the nearest station was. I stared at the fuel range flashing "----" while driving the few miles to the station, slowly with the AC off. My gut involuntarily tightened up as I pondered my pending late-afernoon desert stroll -- it was a buck-ten ambient out there!

But I made it. The station was a brand name, but not the best quality fuel, so I added only four gallons. When I fired it up -- the fuel gauge went to almost 1/2!

I guess that range readout is conservative. Anyway, next time I'm the desert, when it's down to a quarter tank (or more), I'm filling it -- fuel range display be damned!

Thank God I didn't have to take the desert hike: it would have put a smudge on a nice weekend by the pool.

And the swimming pools at the Wynn and Encore are quite nice.
There just wasn't a lot of swimming going on...

Albert Austria, Sr Vehicle Evaluation Engineer @ 23,550 miles

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