1996 Lexus ES 300 Long Term Road Test

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1996 Lexus ES 300: The Rontoya Replies

July 05, 2012


The Lexus ES 300 has become the unofficial responsibility of Ron Montoya, Consumer Advice Associate, Edmunds.com. Montoya has bought and sold all of our long-term test cars (including this one), and this has made him the master of all things practical about automobiles in general. He is the speaker of automotive truth -- the Rontoya.

So when anyone is about to take the key to the ES 300, they inevitably ask Montoya, "Do you think the Lexus will make it all the way to (insert name of destination)?"

Utterly practical as always, the Rontoya inevitably responds, "If it made it across the country and back -- 7,200 miles -- it will get you to (insert name of destination)."

Michael Jordan, Executive Editor, Edmunds.com @ 146,180 miles   

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