2007 Jeep Compass Long-Term Road Test

Jeep Compass: Made to Fit

August 01, 2007

As we approach the end of the Compass's long-term test year, I recall that in earlier posts I reported feeling that while driving the Compass crossover I required the extra height of a booster seat. I complimented the Compass for its design, but felt like I lacked the feeling of road control because it is not a full fledged SUV.

It is funny how times have changed. After months of driving the Compass and really getting used to its build I was surprised to see that the Jeep Cherokee parked next to my Compass in the parking lot looked huge, if not monstrous, next to the Jeep Compass.

Ironic, of course, since the Cherokee is by no means one of the largest in its class on the market, but all a matter of comparison I suppose!

Alison Steinlauf Anziska, Marketing Coordinator

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