2007 Jeep Compass Long-Term Road Test

2007 Jeep Compass: From Camping to Crash

October 10, 2007

Our long-term Jeep Compass earned its keep during the past week, when It hauled Brownies and camping equipment to the annual Girl Scout Camporee and carpooled kids to and from elementary school.

Despite the fact that the Girl Scout campground had warned (too late) against leaving food in vehicles, nary a feral cat or a ravaging squirrel smashed through the Compass' passenger window to gorge on the peanut butter chocolate chip granola bars I had left exposed in the Jeep's open dash storage bin.

Instead, the Compass suffered a worse fate at the elementary school parking lot where an unknown driver side-swiped the Jeep's rear passenger side and fled the scene.

Sheesh. What kind of lesson in responsiblity is that for your kids?.

The Compass was delivered to the body shop this morning. We'll let you know the repair cost when we get the final bill.

Kelly Toepke, News Editor @ 11,767 miles

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