Top 10 Least Expensive SUVs and Crossovers for 2012

Top 10 Least Expensive SUVs and Crossovers for 2012


If you're on a budget and need a vehicle that offers both versatility and affordability, the crossover/SUV segment isn't a bad place to start. Within this pool, you'll find lots of choices that offer ample utility at low prices. There are many solid picks in the bunch that can be yours for less than $20,000.

The 10 models listed below lead the pack when it comes to affordability; these are the least expensive crossovers and SUVs for 2012. Each model's MSRP is reflected, but keep in mind that we've shown prices on base models; if you want a broader array of features you'll likely have to pore over the options list and add a few grand to the price tag. You can boost your savings with incentives and rebates, which are offered with many of these models. Take a look at each vehicle's Edmunds True Market Value before deciding on a purchase.

  1. 2012 Jeep Patriot

    1. 2012 Jeep Patriot — $15,995

  2. 2012 Suzuki SX4

    2. 2012 Suzuki SX4 — $16,799

  3. 2012 Kia Sportage

    3. 2012 Kia Sportage — $18,500

  4. 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

    4. 2012 Mitsubishi Outlander Sport — $18,795

  5. 2012 Dodge Journey

    5. 2012 Dodge Journey — $18,895

  6. 2012 Hyundai Tucson

    6. 2012 Hyundai Tucson — $19,045

  7. 2012 Jeep Compass

    7. 2012 Jeep Compass — $19,295

  8. 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara

    8. 2012 Suzuki Grand Vitara — $19,499

  9. 2012 Nissan Juke

    9. 2012 Nissan Juke — $19,990

  10. 2012 Subaru Forester

    10. 2012 Subaru Forester — $20,595



  • fitexan fitexan Posts:

    It appears Edmunds has failed to notice the extremely high value of the HONDA Sport FIT 2012. As the past owner of the 2008, 2010 and now 2012 such model, I can tell you this model is manufactured 100% in Japan using Japanese high quality materials and parts using absolutely top-notch assembly techniques. These 3 cars have provided my family with high gas mileage (37 in town, 42 on highway trip), absolutely no problems or repairs needed on any of these 3 cars ever! The MSRP approximately $15,000 and actual buying cost of much less, had allowed us to enjoy all benefits of these 3 cars over the past many years. The leg room is great for me being 6ft 2in tall. The head room even allows me to wear a hat if wanted! The cargo carrying ability has shocked several store owners, garage sale folks and friends since all seats fold down flat. I loaded a huge cardboard box containing a solid oak workbench (needing assembly) easily inside the closed door FIT to the surprise of the H. Freight store manager who previously had said "You can't put this big long box in that little car". I simply replied "Watch" as it went in with no problem. These models of Sport FIT are one of (if not the best) deal available in the USA. Please note the up-down shifting "paddles" for personal control of the automatic transmission make the car fun and safe to drive while adding more passing pep and/or emergency or mountain braking. Seems you folks at Edmunds have missed the "boat"! Check out the low insurance rates and maybe you will rank this the Absolute Best Buy. We test drove nearly every similar model car manufactured by Honda's competitors and 3 times decided the Sport FIT was hands-down the best choice! Put your thinking caps back on and take another look at what you missed........ NE Texas Family

  • ChienJu ChienJu Posts:

    Honda CR-V is also close to these price.

  • fitexan fitexan Posts:

    While looking at new 2012 sedan models earlier this year, we noticed so many popular Japanese cars like Toyota had decided to paint the entire vehicle one color and remove all chrome trim! These cars reminded us of bottom level models and looked cheap. Perhaps the car manufacturer just wanted more profit at least expense. This included top of the line models! While we liked the ride, power and gas economy, we walked away and refuse to buy a "plain jane". Meanwhile, Ford, Chevy and Chryler nicely decorated their new models with "head turning" chrome accents and style. What are such foreign car companies thinking? We decided to wait and look again at the 2013 or 2014 models. We sure hope Japanese car makers wake up and follow Chryler's lead! Dipping a new car into a bucket of paint just does not do it for us. Good design requires skill and insight. Maybe they should hire my wife and me???

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