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Van to XC90

Tatunka, 03/11/2010
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Owned for a few months now and no problems. As noted I would like to see better technology in this car like a modern nav and stereo. The safe and sound warranty is great. All service including oil,brakes rotors, wear and tear etc (except tires) are covered for 5yr/60k 91 octane is recommended but hard to find so I use 93. You can use 87 but I notice a lack of power with the 3.2 engine. Overall, I love this SUV. It is sharp looking and safe. No new design appears in the works until 2012.

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good choice in mid size SUV category

hook'em, 03/05/2010
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I bought this primarily because I believe, based on an in-depth research, it is the safest SUV around. I looked at the data behind the NHSA and IIHS's ratings in addition to some detailed rollover test results from something called JRS rollover test. I might have taken this safety stuff a little too seriously. However, looking beyond just the readily available ratings (which, in my opinion, would incorrectly indicate that other SUVs are just as safe as the XC90) revealed that Volvo's safety reputation in this case is well deserved. Other pluses: The interior is functional and flexible for our family of 4 (plus grand parents) and to my eyes, this SUV looks better than the others.

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Second XC 90

kfrgolf, 11/26/2009
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This is the first time in 40 years that I ever got the same exact vehicle that I had been driving. Bravo Volvo - safe , efficient, quiet and has all the amenities

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New Buyer

harcherdl, 01/01/2010
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We just bought our AWD XC90 and are very happy so far. Reviews of the add ons (like NAV and entertainment packages) helped us decide not to purchase these features. The safety features are unparalleled, especially at this price. If feels like you are driving a real vehicle instead of a plastic toy. Ride is smooth and much quieter than the Durango SLT Plus we traded in. 5 yr wear and tear, 5 yr maintenance, and 5 yr warranty were great bonuses. Costco buyer's program, and the 2009 tax incentives sealed the deal for us.

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Nice Car - Couple concerns

lhos315, 11/26/2010
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I've had the car about 8 months. I replaced a minivan w/very squeaky brakes. I was disappointed that within a couple months the brakes were already squeaking in this car. I've had it in the shop a couple of times but they have not been able to fix it. The ride is a little stiff as has been mentioned. The V8 is great with a lot of power. I got the nav package and this system is pretty poor. The rt traf is helpful but this system can't find big time retail stores without typing in an exact address. I wouldn't rec buying this nav system. I too have experienced the buzzzz in the speakers which hasn't been fixed. Does anyone know what this is? Overall a good/fun/safe car to drive around

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Mold Smell in A/C system & Low Oil Level Warning

vmfromtx, 01/25/2013
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I bought my CX90 New and have owned it for over 2 years. My Volvo XC90 has an annoying issue. When I turn on the A/C, for the first 30 seconds, bad mold smell comes, and then I don't smell it. Reported to the dealer on 4 different occassions. They supposedly did everything ehey could, but the problem still persists. Recently, at 58000 miles, suddenly "Low Oil Level" sign came up. When I cheked the dipstick it was below minimum. Dealer supposedly checked it and found no oil leaks and says that they must not have put enough during the previous oil change, and that Volvo does eat some oil between service. I will have to monitor the oil level to see if there is a problem.

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just purchased

david, 12/05/2009
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After an exhaustive look at a range of cars from the 4 Runner to the Range Rover Sport we settled on the XC90 and I think we got what we expected. An ok vehicle that has an appealing look but it's not flashy, and the interior is nice but creature comfort is lacking. What sold us was the relatively decent price for the number of features and the 5 yrs of free maintenance. We also like the spacious interior and the 3rd row seats are nice to have if needed and space is not compromised, although the 2nd row is a little tighter than some competitors. I'm 6' but could still sit there comfortably. This SUV will be a fill in for a few yrs until something in this $ range gets us excited.

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Judy, 01/10/2010
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I have owned a 2004, 2007, and now own a 2010 Volvo XC90. My 2010 is an Executive Model. I did not think that the model could get any better but my latest VOLVO XC90 is spectacular!. The Executive Model's interior is outstanding. I feel like I am sitting in my family room. The handling is "tight" and feels like a sport car within a SUV. The safety features are a plus when insurance premiums are due. I would recommend this vehicle to anyone who appreciates quality within a sporty, pleasure to drive, as well as styling that commands head turning! This is a perfect vehicle in my book.

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4 Months Driving Experience with XC90

AusTXGK, 03/07/2010
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We purchased the Volvo XC90 in November 2009. We replaced a 2004 Ford Expedition in order to downsize and gain a little better fuel economy. Pros: The interior and exterior quality and styling of the vehicle is excellent. The leather seats are the best quality/most comfortable of any vehicle I have owned. The vehicle is exceptionally quiet and drives very smoothly at cruising speeds. Cons: The acceleration of the vehicle is a little jerky from start to about 30 mph. It is very noticeable as the vehicle's automatic transmission shifts gears. I think the 6 cyl standard engine is a little undersized for this vehicle. Also the gas mileage is disappointing at average 20 MPG (17 MPG city).

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Nice Ride!

Kat1976, 10/13/2010
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I bought this vehicle through the military/diplomatic sales in Bahrain and overall it exceeded my expectations. Dissapointments: the vehicle was delivered to DC/VA almost four/five weeks behind scheduled arrival date with wrong interior color (calcite seats...ouch...), my speakers are making weird bzzzz sound. I installed bluetooth and portable 'Garmin for Volvo' navigation system and I am pleased with both. I especially like the portable navsystem, because you can use it with other vehicles;saves you $ when you rent on vacation. I really like how it handles the bumpy DC/VA roads and that there are no blind spots like in other SUVs. Also, the free service plan on 2010 models is a MAJOR perk!

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