2010 Volvo XC60 Road Trip (part IV)

2010 Volvo XC60 Long-Term Road Test

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2010 Volvo XC60 Road Trip (part IV)

July 09, 2010

Sunriver House-1600.jpg

Sunriver, Oregon -- the furthest point from home on our summer Part III was Crater Lake, and now we can unpack and stop living out of suit cases for a while.

We rented this house in the Sunriver Resort community with friends and are using it as base camp for a number of outings, starting with a downhill mountain bike ride to several (water) falls. If you've liked my vacation photos so far, there are more after the jump...

Sunriver Packing-1600.jpg

Like I said, we can finally unpack. Although our 2010 Volvo XC60 offers 30.8 cu-ft of luggage capacity, and I have a reputation for my mad 3D Tetris skillz, I had to resort to stowing some items beneath the floor to get (almost) everything in. My daughter's bicycle didn't make it.

No worries, because the well equipped house had pink one just like hers in the garage and for those occasions when we actually had to get someplace on bikes, I've grown used to the ubiquitous "tag-along" arrangement that is so prevelent here.

We also signed ourselves up for a day-long ride down the Paulina (that's Paul-eye-nah) Plunge trail.

Sunriver Bike Hauler-1600.jpg

The company has what it says is the largest bike hauler in the world, and from the looks of it (and this is just the front third), I'd say they're pretty safe with that boast. There must've been 200 bikes on the trailer. After being bussed to the top of the hill, it's (mostly) downhill from there. We stopped several times to hike to nearby creeks and pools and falls for more fun.

Sunriver Tagalong-1600.jpg

Ready for fun!

Sunriver Trail-1600.jpg

Our guides were well versed in the lore of Chief Paulina as well as the delicate ecology of the forest where he lived. They also led us to beautiful falls and pools (and natural water slides) where it is believed the Chief entertained his family.

Sunriver Falls2-1600.jpg

Pretty, huh?

Sunriver Falls1-1600.jpg

Yes, that's me, but I'm not jumping because it's too shallow -- and cold. My buddy Ray, however, was braver than I was.

Sunriver Pool-1600.jpg

Hard to imagine a more picturesque place.

Sunriver Ray-1600.jpg

He said his legs began to go numb by the time he waded out. You go, Ray.

Further down the trail, our guides had a surprise or two for the gullible tourists...

Sunriver Slide-1600.jpg

That's Ray's son "Sitting-Iron-Butt" Nico taking a ride on the supposedly smooth rocks. He said it didn't hurt THAT much. And do you see all that soot on his face? They made all of us put cinders on our faces to keep the spirit of Chief Paulina at bay.

Sunriver Coal Miners-1600.jpg

Kids, of course, were more than happy to comply with the coal-miner look. The adults were less enthusiastic -- and concerned with their complexions.

Back at the resort, we did the usual bike trail rides, watched a guy fly fish, and went to a giant cookout on the Fourth.

Sunriver Bike Path-1600.jpg

There are miles and miles of bike trails in Sunriver.

Sunriver Fly Fishing-1600.jpg

And this guy doing his best to look like an ad for Sunriver.

Sunriver Chopper1-1600.jpg

Don't worry, nobody was airlifted to safety. The local first-responders simply had a better way to arrive at the annual July 4th cookout. The concessioners and their lightly tethered tents weren't as happy with the airborne arrival, however.

Sunriver Chopper2-1600.jpg

But at least they allowed folks to climb aboard.

Sunriver Cotton Candy-1600.jpg

And there was cotton candy to match at least one outfit that day.

Sunriver FD-1600.jpg

This concludes your peek into my family vacation. I need to get back to it while there's still time.

The long haul home will leave no time for more blogs. I'll do a wrap-up fuel tally once I return to the office, but thus far, we've traveled about 1,100 miles and are averaging just over 20 mpg.

Chief Road Test Editor, Chris Walton

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