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Best money I ever spent on a used car--still!, 09/18/2015
4dr Wagon
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I've owned quite a few used cars. I was always attracted to unique or freaky cars--old Volkswagens, Cadillacs, 1980s Audis, and more recently Saabs. I always wanted a Volvo wagon because I thought they looked cool and I'd heard good things about reliability of the 2.4L five cylinder engine. I was a little hesitant about the electrical system as it seems all European vehicles have electrical issues, some more so than others. With that being said, this is by far one of the finest vehicles I have ever owned (and I only paid $2500)! I bought it from the second owner with around 178K miles on it. The former owner provided me with all the maintenance records from the time it was new. In the last couple of years, he himself had addressed many of the preventative maintenance issues including timing belt, brakes, shocks, and radiator. The only issues were the lock on the tailgate doesn't work with the central locking system and there is a bulb burned out behind the odometer. Since I've owned it, I've just kept the oil changed, tires rotated, and replaced the plugs and air filter when necessary. I've had a few issues with the check engine light coming on now and then, but I've just cleaned the MAF and throttle body thoroughly and that seems to have fixed it now for over a year and a half! It passes smog with flying colors. Update: I did recently replace the upper o2 sensor on account of the CEL not turning off. I unfortunately broke a few vacuum lines in the process, but everything is okay! CEL went off and the car is again running like a top. The wagon is very utilitarian. I can carry all kinds of things in the back, bikes, dressers, tables, almost anything within reason. More recently I've been using the car to haul stuff for the events business my wife works for. I haul all kinds of flowers, chairs, linens, etc up to Lake Tahoe without problems. The heating and cooling are much better than expected (the A/C is great actually), and the acceleration for being a non-turbo isn't half bad. It's not a hot rod, but it has the power to go up and down over the Sierra Nevada mountains, which I often do on my way to Sacramento. The seats are some of the most comfortable I've ever experienced (I just wish mine had the heated leather). It is always nice returning to my Volvo after having a rental car. As far as gas mileage is concerned I average about 23.3 around town, and on long trips I can usually manage over 30. That's not half bad for a car this size and weight. Although it rattles, and it isn't the smoothest ride, it handles well, always starts up, and just keeps on going at even with 201,000 miles. It doesn't burn any oil and everything functions as it should, sans the tailgate lock. A great bang for your buck, and since it's old I really don't care what happens to it. I think this car has sold me on buying another Volvo in the future. Update: I parted ways with my V70 last weekend. I bought a slightly newer S60 with AWD. I am really hoping for the same reliability as the old wagon, but only time will tell. It had about 204,000 with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. The new owner was hard-pressed to find any real issues with the thing. I sold it to him for $1000, and I think it was a great deal. One thing is for sure, I'll never forget the joy and piece of mind this car brought me during ownership.

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Great experience with 2000 V70 XC

Banjo, 05/31/2010
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Few things to mention. Owned it for 24 months, found that a 10 year old Volvo is like a 3 year old domestic. When I buy used I take the following precautions: 1. replaced the oil every 3 months, regardless; air filter every year. 2. always replace the thermostat, battery, and change your antifreeze 3. drive it like its age. this turbo can toss your head back but it is aging. so why f&k with the tranny and engine, capisce? 4. keep her clean, wash it. 5. check engine and other lights are overrated, look into the real problem using a 'european' mechanic. Domestic tech kids should remain in their toyRus sandbox. Volvos and Subarus are easy to fix but use a 'pro'fessional. 6. Read the manual. Ciao

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Car has grown on me

dadinkc, 03/02/2013
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After my wife got a new car, after much deliberation, I decided to sell my 5-series BMW and take her hand-me-down 2000 Volvo wagon. At the time, the decision was driven a practical one - less expensive to own and maintain, more room for a family of 4 and performance in the snow. 2 years later, I couldn't be happier with the decision. It has been reliable and everything I need in a vehicle with the exception of looking cool. Fortunately, I'm way past worrying about looking cool.

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4 Years - 100,000 miles

danegirl, 03/01/2011
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Bought this car used 10/2006 - 82k on it. Now I'm up to 181,775. Other than faulty trunk latch had no real issues until 2009. Had to replace driveshaft ($750 DIY). Other than eating up tires it really was a good car until no one caught the leak in the transfer case ($1,700 bad mechanic/$780 dealership fixed). ABS went bad but as eariler - Victor Rocha is a GOD! ($125). If you can do some of the work yourself I highly recommend it. The complicated stuff - make sure you KNOW that the mechanic who is working on it can actually fix it properly or just suck it up and go to a dealership. In So. Mich. go with Sesi Volvo. One final word of advices - if you hear a noise DO NOT IGNORE IT!

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Safety, Reliability, and Quality - V70 2WD

michivolvo, 04/20/2012
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2000 V70 Wagon. 180,000 miles. The Volvo safety features are its trademark. I never felt uneasy about my family being on the road with any Volvo we've owned. Our non-turbo is no hot-rod, so that reduces some of the parental "worry factor". Besides regular maintenance, most repairs are what one might expect - tie rod ends, brakes, the odd sensor. There's been a surprise or two, but few. Our mechanic says, "These things go forever". It runs like a top. No leaks, no oil burning. Just a solid car, with nice appointments. The build quality is great. 12 salty Michigan winters and no rust, at all. It's no four-wheel drive, but it gets through Michigan winters, just fine.

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