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Best Car I've Ever Owned

kfluharty, 08/08/2013
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Don't let the miles scare you when you are looking for a used Volvo. Mine had 152,000 miles on it when I bought it. Just passed 230,000 and this thing still runs and drives like a new car. She's built like a tank. Regular maintenance and the odd sensor or ball joint and this thing will run forever. FOLLOW THE VOLVO RECOMMENDED MAINTENANCE SCHEDULE!! I bought this car used 3 years ago after it was recommended by 3 different people. I have owned over 25 cars including Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Jeeps, a Ford, several GM products, and a BMW and this one is BY FAR the best vehicle I've ever owned. My friends kept telling me "Once you own a Volvo, you'll never own another car. They were right.

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A Good Car...all in all

Joe, 05/12/2010
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has 137k, bought with 103k. Problems: - Throttle body hose, mass airflow meter, and spark plugs (about $700) at 129k - New ceramic brakes and rotors ($475) -New wiper/cruise control stock (replaced on my own at $35) Benefits: - Very comfortable car, perfect for long trips! - 26-30mpg highway - Rear seats fold flat...and passenger seat. It can sleep somebody in there!

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volvo 850 turbo

jamesmcsweeney, 02/15/2010
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I have a volvo 850 turbo since 2005 and I have fond it a very comfortable car to drive it has a lot of power and with a proper tune up its very fast .its also nimble in traffic .Yes you have to put premiuim gas in it but that is a small sacrifice for the power you are getting . all in all I love this car .

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Great car

seashell, 10/20/2004
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I bought the car because of the safety features. Luckily they've never been tested. The drivers seat is the most comfortable seat as was my 240. It gets decent mileage 22 to 25 (includes some highway driving). I don't like the price of the 30K service work but it's never let me down. The finish has held up great with waxing twice a year. The antenna has gotten bent in car washes and had to be replaced. I wish the new ones had as much room. I do ocassionally have to tighten the nut on the windshield washer arm. Overall it has been good to me.

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Take care of it & it will take care of U

Sinika, 09/18/2006
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I bought my 850 turbo wagon brand new in 93 and have put 195,374 fun filled miles on it in the past 13 years. I have religiously maintained it as instructed by the owner's manual and have had no major problems with it. Most of the reviews Ive read about this car were given by people who bought one used and obviously did not have their mechanic look it over before purchasing. As long as you take care of this car, it will take care of you. I have changed the oil regularly and I use mobil one synthetic exclusively. The only major repairs Ive had to perform is replacing an a/c evaporator @ 132,000 miles. Other than that, Ive only had to replace the usual wear & tear items,tires,filters,etc

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