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5 out of 5 stars
The reputation as a tank or brick is accurate.
Karl Hungus,10/04/2015
1991 Volvo 240 4dr Wagon
Above all, it should be noted: in a 1991 Volvo has been well maintained, it will run forever. If maintenance has been shoddy, all bets are off. That said: I love this car. This thought runs through my head all too often while driving - whether because of surprising uphill pulling power, filling the back of the wagon with an astonishing amount of stuff, or the general comfort of the ride. … That's saying a lot, the 240 is not really anyone's idea of a comfortable, powerful car, but from the correct perspective it is nothing short of a treat - nothing about the car should inspire confidence or excitement, but the 240 is full of surprises. Right off the line, the 240 is a bit of a lazy beast. 1st gear gets the car moving, and you have to wonder if the 4 cylinder is up to the task. The 5 speed hits its stride around 35 though, with plenty of big, lazy power. This car will never spin its tires, but it keeps up with traffic perfectly well. A 25 year old wagon has no business going 100mph on the interstate, and it only adds to the confusion that the 240 is so stable and assured at that speed. Fast highway cruising benefits, no doubt, from the 3000 lb curb weight. It feels heavy and european, like a poor man's Mercedes. This heavy comfort applies all around - cruising the main strip, a weekend jaunt on curvy 2 lane highways, you are reminded that this car is definitely NOT a sport coupe and yet...and feels so *good*. Heavy, smooth, surefooted. Strangely like a very low pickup truck, but somehow different. Better. The rear wheel drive is great, absolutely amazing in snow. This is where half of the TANK comes from. The other half is pure build quality. The car is solid, overbuilt to hell, full of big clunky metal parts. It isn't unfair to say the car is full of simple 1970s engineering, but here it is a compliment. In our modern era of puffy plastic lozenges, a spare, hard, pure steel box stands out both for its unusual, utilitarian appearance and brilliant security. This car will take a thrashing, and come out running like a champ. Volvos have saved countless lives - yes, safety technology has come leaps and bounds since 1991, but these are the cars that safety standards were once measured by. You know someone (or at least someone who knows someone) who not only lived through a horrific wreck in a Volvo, but walked away. Repairs are easy for even the most rudimentary shade tree mechanic - with a Bently manual and a metric tool set in hand, almost nothing is off limits. I replaced my own timing belt in an hour and a half in a parking lot - thanks to more smart, simple Swedish engineering, a broken timing belt does not ruin the engine. It's nothing more than a nuisance, a protracted inconvenience. On the downside, these inconveniences increase with age. The legendary engine may run for upwards of a million miles (and beyond, again, with good maintenance), but in that time plastics become brittle, electronics corrode. The fuses are idiotic in placement and execution, the tail light contacts require almost monthly upkeep to avoid a ticket, some relays will burn out and introduce a cascade of electrical gremlins. As a tall person, I take some issue with the size of the cockpit. I fit, I've become used to it, but there isn't a ton of room. The 3rd row seat, while novel, is in the rear crumple zone - a significant rear-ending may not limit the Volvo's ability to limp home, but it may easily kill anyone seated in the way back. But the bottom line is that if you are patient, your expectations are realistic and you have a AAA card on hand, a Volvo will be your friend for a long, long time. We have a hyundai for quick jaunts to the store. Its fast & easy, but has been in the shop far more than the old beast.
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