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A fantastic economical car

dretal, 01/12/2008
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I used my golf diesel to tow trailers and all I need to setup and race motorcycles throughout Canada. I never had any problems, and the diesel engine had no problems towing the loaded car and trailer at 130 KM/hr. We love the car. In winter, we park it inside our heated (10°C) garage, avoiding any cold-weather startup issues, but when it does sleep outside, I've never had problems starting it.

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Very happy

Caleb, 07/11/2005
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This has been the best car i have owned. all the performance i need and the comfort. fuel mileage has been unbeleivable. i drove from vancouver bc to calgary alberta on one tank of fuel.

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HotSauce, 02/22/2007
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I've had my Golf GLS TDI for three years now and I love it. The diesel engine runs great. I use biodiesel for fuel and average 38-42 miles/gal. The turbo provides quick pick up. The manual transmission is fun to drive. It has enough trunk space for storage. It is the perfect car for day to day commuting and to able to fit into tight parking spaces. As with many VW diesel cars the engines will last forever, but the small electrical components are not reliable.

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Awesome Car

PO2 Richard W., 11/23/2017
GLS TDI 4dr Hatchback (1.9L 4cyl Turbodiesel 5A)
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So my review for my 2004 Golf TDI is based off my owning it for the last two months. I had to take a step back in time to answer the survey to base it off of it being 13 years old and not quite as tech'y or up to date on interior design as of today. But overall this is one fine auto, I average 37 MPG on B5 Bio or regular Diesel. the body is of sleek design and looks great. I would expect a diesel to be more torquey but it seems to be lacking in that department. The power band is set to that of a 1990's coupe(CIVIC 5 speed 92hp great power for the time but not very good now a days). The interior for the GLS is more of what I would consider at base model interior. I have put around 6000 miles on the vehicle since purchasing it as I drive 92 miles a day to and from work. I have yet to have any major issues in that time I have not done an oil change yet but will be doing one very soon. The seat heater is a blessing to have with Seattle weather. I recommend this vehicle to everyone. If you find one in good condition that has decent milage scoop it up even if it has a turbo issue I've seen them on amazon for $350.

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Try it, you'll like it

USPSORUM, 05/21/2004
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My friends told me I was crazy to buy a diesel. They were crazy not too. It's a tight, quiet car, very quick and fun to drive. Plus, it always gets over 40 mpg. Not for big families but can carry 5 adults if you have to. Went on a 2000 mile driving trip with 4 adults--we were fine. Great in the snow.

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The best car I have ever owned

dennycreekls, 12/12/2010
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My Golf 2.0 (2004) Automatic 2 Dr. Hatchback is the best little car I have every owned. I bought the car with only 3000 miles on it--it now has 36,000 and still purrs. It rides clean and very quiet--the interior is pretty--the exterior sporty. NOTHING HAS EVER GONE WRONG WITH MY LITTLE BABY GOLF. I put the gas mileage at around 38 MPG/on HWY-little less in city (I don't do city though) The only item that needed to be replaced from 3000-36,000 miles was my battery because I drive the car from the Pacific Northwest to Arizona at least 3-4 times a year. In AZ the battery gets sucked dry fast in the heat and humidity. Only other car that compares to the Golf was my Honda Odyssey.

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Surprisingly Sporty, Economical & Fun

jddaigle, 09/06/2004
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I got this Golf to replace a 2001 Jetta with the 1.8 liter turbo engine. I wanted to reduce my fuel usage & try using biodiesel fuel. I loved the Jetta and love the Golf. The design of the interior is near-perfect, with everything where it should be. The performance of the high-torque diesel engine is excellent--I can easily keep up with (or pass) traffic and merge & pass on the highway without downshifting. The seats are very comfortable and supportive and even in base trim offer many ways to adjust your driving position. Handling is tight but not quite sports car tight (I may upgrade my suspension in the future). Road noise is very well controlled.

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excellent car

Ronny VT, 09/06/2004
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Actually, we bought the car in 2000... we live in Europe, and diesel is the most common fuel here... It must be said that Volkswagen was a pioneer in the direct injected diesel engine... and you feel this when you drive a VW diesel... They perform like a petrol engine, are quiet, but they have a better fuel economy... It's a great car to drive... If you are looking for a nice reliable car, for a fair price... this Golf is your best buy

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Can't go wrong with a TDI golf

Ears, 09/07/2004
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I bought a golf TDI and it has been the best car I have ever owned. The car gets around 50 miles per gallon running on diesel fuel which in some cases is considerable cheaper than gasoline. The car's interior is beutifully designed and very used friendly. The stock sound system is incredible. The only downfall is the performance. The car stock doesn't have all the much power, but for a diesel it does out-do many of its competitors in the performance category. But hey if u want speed go buy a corvette, if you want reliable efficiency buy a golf TDI, you won't regret it.

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Get Up and Gone

ihctrux, 10/12/2004
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I bought the 3 door hatchback Golf TDI and have been getting over 51 mpg average in highway driving. That's with the air conditionner running and at speeds of about 72 mph average. This car develops top torque at 1900 rpm and so is fast off the line and extremely economical to drive. It meets my standards for economical yet competent top end driving as it gets more than one-half its horsepower rating (93) in miles per gallon and will quite easily go faster than 1x that same horsepower rating. Most cars can't come close to meeting this horsepower-based driving standard and with most drivers driven by high horsepower ratings alone, they likely never will! Bravissimo for the Golf TDI!

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