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    Consumer Reviews for the Volkswagen Golf R

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    Hottest hatch needs a software update!

    Fred Mephisto, 11/17/2022
    2022 Volkswagen Golf R 4dr Hatchback AWD (2.0L 4cyl Turbo 7AM)
    To me this is one of the most enjoyable cars to drive in the real world. Super snappy acceleration, AWD is glued to the road, quiet (but can give some pop and rumble if you like), it is just pure fun to tear around town. Seats are really comfortable and I think the overall appearance of the exterior is spot on, especially in the blue. There was a recall to remove the plastic engine … cover as apparently it could come dislodged, but honestly I prefer to see the engine anyway. The VW luggage rack accessory kit is a perfect fit and works great so far. I am not positive but I strongly suspect a large number of this model coming to this The real Achilles' heel of the 2022 Golf R is the in-dash system. Lots of annoyance here. A variety of problems relating to connecting our phones (pixel) and using Android auto. Connects and drops bluetooth over and over, can't decide which phone to use, has to be plugged in AND connected via bluetooth. (Which I believe is an Android auto issue, but I additionally purchased Motorola MA1 adapter which I also can not get to work in the R, however haven't tried on another vehicle.) Slow system boot. Occasional total audio failure requiring ignition cycle to fix. Always fun get into a hot car and wait for a boot process to complete before you can turn on a fan... Overall, because this is my daily driver, the interface problems definitely dampen the otherwise glowing review I would have here. I'm hoping these are the sorts of things that get corrected with software updates.
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