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  • 2001 Volvo V70 XC in Silver
    166,079 miles
    Dealer:  (1)
    18.6 mi away
    Stock# 284068717

    Not Listed

    Mondial Auto Sales - Arlington / Texas

    Located 19 miles away from Dallas, TX

    Dealer Review:

    My son bought a car from Mondial (8/27/18) to take back and forth to college in Waco. We eventually spoke with Sam who was very friendly and seemed to show great concern for my son's well being, citing his son who was at the office who was going to Baylor (close to where my son was going) for medical school and how he wanted to make sure the car ($3,500) was in tip top condition. He kept the car a few extra days as "he wanted to treat my son as his own and make sure the car is good". We explained that my son was starting school on Monday and we needed to have it by Saturday we were assured that the 3 days would be enough time to get it ready. Unfortunately, he was not able to get the car ready in time and I had to drive my son to school for the first day. When we got there and spoke with Sam, he bragged about all of the things he did to it (his mechanic was flubbing around for some reason that is now clear) and that the price was now $3,800 due to all of the work he did to it. My son couldn't miss school so were forced to buy the car...and at that time we were also informed about the "binding arbitrary agreement" that we were required to sign as well. My son gave him $3,841.72 in cash, which was the culmination of 3 years of mowing grass and working a part time job and shook Sam's hand. Sam wished him well on his school journey. Approximately 2 weeks later, my son calls to tell me that the car had broke down on the side of the road and would not start. Sam had informed me that it was probably a sensor control issue, so over the next few days as time permitted we replaced the 4 of them, however, the car still would not start. Since this was out of my expertise, I hired an independent mechanic to look at the car and was told IMMEDIATELY that the car's timing chain had broke, further that since it was a chain (and not a belt) and in looking at the car closer, it was obvious that whoever sold me the car knew about it (chains do not just break) and its a "common" scam to get rid of cars. The mechanic felt so bad about how Sam screwed my son over that he REFUSED to take payment for the diagnosis (he is a mobile mechanic) and gave me an attorney's name/number and a sworn statement. Not wanting to believe someone that said that he viewed my son as his own and created a feeling of family (as noted by other older comments), I called and left a number of messages to talk to him about what could be done to fix it. When I FINALLY reached him and explained the series of events (and I so wish I would have recorded this because I wouldn't believe it if you said it to me), he said that I could bring it in, but because it was one of two types of engines, the engine was destroyed and it would cost more to replace than it was worth. The way he rattled this information off, it was obvious he KNEW that the timing chain was ready to go and was looking for a sucker (my son) to dump it off. He then said that he will check on something and call me back. I called around and got quotes around $3000 JUST for the belt, the engine, etc would be more. ALL future calls left for him have went un-returned. I left messages on the recorder, cell phone, with his son.......... and nothing. I was trying to give the benefit of the doubt and even in light of the evidence to the contrary say he did NOT know that the chain (not belt) was ready to break and do a split the difference and at least try to be fair about an unfortunate incident. But his actions (rather inaction) tells me that he took advantage of my son. Since my son was in such a pinch having to drive 200 miles a day for school, I ended up junking the car at a loss of over $2,800 and bought him a car from a reputable dealer. Believe whatever you would like from this event, but I have researched the arbitration document I was "forced" to sign. That document signs away MOST of my rights to go after him, it takes the control of this matter going to a court (which we all know who would win given the facts) to a company that HE decides (shocker on how they will vote). PLUS, instead of the process being court(aka minimal fees) and being able to do discovery, etc. YOU (not he) has to pay A LOT of money to go through binding arbitration. AND when (not if) you lose, you then have to pay his attorney fees as well. Its a win win for car dealerships, but HORRIBLE for average consumers like my son. Again, believe WHATEVER you want, I would just BEG anyone that after reading this that would still would buy a car from this company to REFUSE to sign the binding arbitration agreement (IT IS NOT REQUIRED BY STATE LAW AS I WAS TOLD). At least if something happens, you won't be in the same position my son is in. The two vehicles that I bought around the same time for my son and myself didn't even bring that up (and oddly enough, they are both running just fine). The good of this is that my son learned a VERY valuable lesson that day, not all fathers have the same integrity.

    Features and Specs:

    Description: Used 2001 Volvo V70 XC with AWD/4WD, Rear Bench Seats, Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel, Auto Climate Control, Power Driver Seat.
    Engine: 5-cylinders
    Transmission: Automatic
    Drive Wheel Configuration: all wheel drive
    18 Combined MPG (16 City/21 Highway)

    Listing Information:

    Certified Pre-Owned: No

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Volvo V70 wagon
Arthur Neilson,09/08/2016
Great 1st car for my teen driver. 148k and walked out the door for $4,000. Great deal👍
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