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Consumers Review the Volvo S80

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A family of Volvo drivers-
Christopher Chao,12/07/2015
i bought this car at a Volvo specialist center in 2012 with 125,000 miles for just 7,998. I was going to use it for a year, due to a short term job in New York, so I didn't really care about what it was. My mom drives a C70 and told me to buy the car. It has been absolutely fantastic, now in 2015 we have 156,000 miles on it and it's still going strong. There have been some expensive maintenance costs (150$-550$ services) and also suspension and axle components (1000$ over the years) but the thing to remember is that it's European and our X5 costs 3 times more to maintain. For such a nice car I'm willing to pay some more. It is important to note that I go to a local Volvo service specialty shop, and NOT A DEALER. Prices are about half what I would pay there, and even more savings for used parts. Also this car is ultra safe, my two kids learned to drive in this car, and this holiday season I plan to give it to my oldest... And of course as a replacement I'll be sure to buy the new XC90. The best thing about this car is the amount of small features that really add up: price, gas mileage (I get 35 on i40 even when the epa says 26, and yes I actually calculated it along with the trip computer), safety, (there are 6 giant airbags and stability control is an option fitted to my car), cold starts (never had a problem in -20 weather, AV/heat( the best ever, I'm never hot or cold for more than a minute, and the seats are so supremely comfortable. And that's all for 8,000$!!!! Be advised: the 2004-2006 models have a stronger reliability record than the 1998-2003 (preface lift model)
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