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Consumers Review the Volvo 940

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Great design, great execution
Excellent: reliability, serviceability, visibility, 5-seat comfort (incl the best headrests), trunk space (esp with flat-folded seats), steering, handling (I upgraded to IPD sway bars, poly bushings, chassis braces, Bilstein shocks, 16" wheels), 51/49 f/r distribution and light weight makes the car very predictable. Mileage is fine if you accelerate softly and keep speeds below 65. 4 spd trans isn't efficient above 70, but the car is fine well above that. Controls are intuitive. Sunroof is huge. Paint is robust. Towing is strong. The car's design and capabilities have not been improved on... it's unique and excellent even 15 years and 180,000 miles on the road.
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