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Consumers Review the Volkswagen Corrado

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They were never given a chance
LC3U Corrado,11/26/2007
Corrados these days are a cult followed car. They are known as one of the best VWs ever built. However, its base price in the early 90s was a lot and you could have gotten a base entry Porsche for it. They are often called the Poor Man's Porsche and the name sticks. With very nice handling and 0-60 speed in the 5 second area, it makes the Corrado a car of this era. The great things include the speed sensitive rear spoiler. However, being a 17 year old car at the most, expect to pay quite a bit for upkeep on one of these rare sport coupes that was never given a chance. Also, in good running condition expect to pay ~ $5,000-$9,000 plus a few maintenance bills.
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