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Consumers Review the Toyota Celica

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I have put this car through hell and back! off road, got air born, drove over a median, 6k rpm daily, speed shifting, and two wrecks that were so rough it blew both air bags, i have walked away both times without a scratch. They say Hondas are tough? Its only because theyve never owned a 6th gen celica st! I have NEVER had to do any engine or suspension work! Just very very simple routine maintenance. Car tops out at 117, even driving like this in this standard ST model you get 32MPG! If you baby it it seems like 42 MPG, use 89 octane, this car was made before 87 was produced, also gives a smoother ride, performance, and mpg. On top of all this car weighs only 300 pounds more than a miata, so insanely light. You get over steer before under steer, if its the hatch model you basically have a truck bed inside your car! I have literally put a full length futon frame and cushion in it with the hatch down, very tight though lol. A lady owner i had met who drove from Ohio to Texas with AC running the entire time with half a tank of gas. Now for the set backs: these cars are beginning to get rare, can hardley ever find one in a salvage yard (parts usually cheap though), there is one common problem though, automatic windows die out all the time due to aging plastics, even if you swap to manual windows you have to stretch far across the center console (where the cupholders are inconviently) to reach the handle. The AC has a design flaw, on all of these celicas the wiring harness sits almost on top of the high pressure AC hose (causing the HP hose to melt open), zip tie the wiring harness out of the way and voila, problem solved. The worst part of all? Either the cost to have clutch replaced ($650) or the AC power drain, you can drive normal with it on but the car loses all power at 3k rpm, turning off the AC at one button feels like a turbo kicking in. And it significantly lowers mpg in harsher driving. Overall if you find one running good, with less than 150k miles BUY IT! I have only found one besides mine in Texas with such low miles, it was 8 thousand dollars!!! Well after all this history i still drive it daily and rebuilt the body, i wish i could keep it but i just need something with less age so if anyone wants a good looking daily driver i might still have it on craigslist or auto trader, its custom blue.
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